Pousada dos Ofícios

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, a World Heritage, is known as the world’s largest baroque set, having preserved for centuries its history in the landscape formed by its houses, churches, streets, alleys and its daily life.

The city is an open-air work of art.

The Baroque Era and its movement, the Inconfidência Mineira and its poets, the master Aleijadinho and his stonework, OuroPreto’s mines and caves all joined together in the same city, serving as a setting for great cultural events.
Art festivals, popular and religious parties, the city’s contemporary artists, museums and galleries, educational institutions and its community make Ouro Preto a contemporary city in ideas, culture and history.
To go for a walk throughout this city from the 18th century, 1711, always takes us into our inner selves. We must sharpen our five senses and experience its architecture through a new point of view, touching its handcraft, tasting its food, listening to the sound in its streets an smelling its pathways. Many secrets may be unveiled during your stay in this city.

Enjoy it.